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~ Welcome Back to Our School ~

Kanagawa Prefectural Fujisawa Nishi High School

This is an alumni community site.

Welcome 同窓会




About the alumni association

The Fujisawa Nishitaka Alumni Association is made up of volunteers. Would you like to liven up the alumni association together?

​Alumni association activities

The alumni association is engaged in various activities such as supporting active Nishi High School students and promoting exchanges among graduated alumni. Please take a look.


Nishitaka Alumni Map


​Why don't you drop in at the alumni shop?

I would be grateful if you could expand the circle of alumni between people from Nishitaka!
Those who are open or independent, or who have set up a hobby group, etc.
It is possible to publish in "Nishi Takarupu" for free. Please use it positively.

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